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Ask Dr. DeCambre: Which toothbrush do you recommend?

September 21, 2022

"In my opinion" the Sonicare brand toothbrush cleans extremely well and even lifts stains. I highly recommend this brush; especially to those who wear braces. Sonicare has now released their airflosser that allows you to jet a puff of air and liquid between your teeth to remove any food particles.

It has a reservoir into which may be placed water; peroxide or mouth wash. We have for sale sonicare products in our office and our prices tend to be lower than the retail stores. Sonicare stands behind their product for 6 months when their unit is purchased from our office – no questions asked.

We also have other dental products that are the best of what’s out there to keep your gums, teeth and appliances clean and healthy while undergoing orthodontic treatment!